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IISRE is a unique Canadian Swedish initiative that facilitates cooperation between Universities, Government, First Nations and Private Sector in interdisciplinary social and natural science research of global importance. 

Research that increases understanding of the allocation mechanism in economies and the faults that hamper sustainable economic development, which unsolved causes social, economic and ecological adversity.

Creating the understanding required for development of methods and systems that enable government to early enough, detect faults in the economys allocation mechanism and early enough prevent and mitigate social, economic and ecological adversity.

The rationale for IISRE is that national and supranational economies are made up of regional economies

Sustainable social satisfaction, good health, a sound environment and political stability and peace depend on sustainable economic production in regional economies.

The region is becoming the critical political economic unit.  This stems from the so-called globalization paradox as economic and social interactions are increasingly global, the determinants of our regional societys place in the globalized economy are increasingly local. 

Regions require unique interdisciplinary analysis and solutions.

A perfect functioning allocation mechanism in an economy is a utopia.  A better functioning allocation mechanism in regional and local economies is not a utopia, but a better functioning society.



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